Brooklyn Whatever: Home of Shpickles, Shnuts, and Shmolives

"Hi, this is Rachel from Brooklyn Whatever," she says when she calls a store to make an appointment to sell her goods. "Brooklyn what?" they say. Whatever!

What kind of a name is that!? Well the partners are Brooklyn Natives, the products are Brooklyn made, and Whatever seemed a good enough name as any to describe the true Brooklyn experience. Whatever! And you can't deny it makes you smile. :)

Recent Articles

Noticing the obsession
May 26, 2016

Hey there everyone!  I've noticed that our Shpickles are not only loved by so many, people seemed to be obsessed. In a good way.  Pickles seem to be in a separate category food wise.  When I go to trade shows,...

Here we go....
December 20, 2015
Here we go...
December 17, 2015
Welcome to Brooklyn Whatever!