Brooklyn Whatever: Home of Shpickles, Shnuts, and Shmolives

"Hi, this is Rachel from Brooklyn Whatever," she says when she calls a store to make an appointment to sell her goods. "Brooklyn what?" they say. Whatever!

What kind of a name is that!? Well the partners are Brooklyn Natives, the products were born in Brooklyn, and Whatever seemed a good enough name as any to describe the founders' experience. Whatever! And you can't deny it makes you smile. :)

Recent Articles

NON GMO Vinegar! Oh Yeah!
October 05, 2016

Hello there Shpickle people. We have news. AS of next week all Brooklyn Whatever Shpickles will be produced with white distilled NON GMO  vinegar.  How awesome is that? After doing extensive research we have decided that making this change will...

Noticing the obsession
May 26, 2016

Hey there everyone!  I've noticed that our Shpickles are not only loved by so many, people seemed to be obsessed. In a good way.  Pickles seem to be in a separate category food wise.  When I go to trade shows,...

Here we go....
December 20, 2015
Here we go...
December 17, 2015
Welcome to Brooklyn Whatever!