Noticing the obsession

Posted on May 26, 2016 by Rachel Shamah | 1 comment

Hey there everyone! 

I've noticed that our Shpickles are not only loved by so many, people seemed to be obsessed. In a good way. 

Pickles seem to be in a separate category food wise.  When I go to trade shows, street fairs, markets and fleas I call out "Shpickles!" And people's heads turn. They are drawn to the pickle! 

My experience has been more woman than men LOVE the Shpickle. Also it's not just 'I like Pickles!' It's more like 'Geez I really am bonkers for Pickles.' 

In the rare case when someone doesn't like pickles they actually apologize and call themselves outcasts and weird. But I forgive them and respect their choices. 

So it goes like this, there are shpickle people and non shpickle people.  What is your choice to be? ?


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February 04, 2017

How do you get the touch of sweetness if u don’t use sugar. You don’t list the ingredients except for vinegar water and spices? Due to allergies I have to know what is in what I eat . There has to be so that makes it sweet. Is it an artificial sweetener? Also what are the green flakes at the bottom? Thanks so much.

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