Here we go....

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Hello There! 

My name is Rachel, on behalf of my son, Abe and myself we would like to  welcome you to the blog! Brooklyn Whatever, our company is just about a year old now.  This website features all we currently have to offer, and pretty soon the e-commerce piece will be open. For now you can order by calling 917-669-5525 or email me directly

Okay, that out of the way let me begin by saying a year ago I didn't know what the word 'blog' meant'! Actually I didn't know anything about business either! So, I've been thinking how to use this platform, what to share, and why.

Here is what I've come up with.  Both me and my son have reinvented ourselves since we became partners and began our company. Just a short while ago I was in a totally different field, as was he. However, with a lot of willingness, courage, faith, hard work, asking for help, humbling ourselves, and more we have become entrepreneurs, a word I couldn't even spell six months ago.

So I will use this blog to share how we got started, the obstacles, the challenges, the failures and the successes. Some of it is very funny, some educational, but you have my word it will always be honest and real.  


Here we go!



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