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Greetings Fellow Shpickle Lovers! 

Happy Valentines♥️

A few weeks ago we were approached by asking if they could do a video of me and my son making Brussels Sprouts Pickles! 

But of course! We were honored. 

Off to the kitchen Abe and I went with our Shpickling stuff.  In came Lindsey Funston and Chelsea Lupkin, shlepping 🎥 cameras, lights and big smiles.

My son and I began the process and boy did we have fun! Lindsey is a champ and a natural in the kitchen and Chelsea knows how to handle a camera I tell you. 

When we were done they swiped the finished Sprouts Shpickles and left! 

Well, aren’t you going to taste them? Sure they said, but not with you.  So, we waited for them to return, but they were all secretive and stuff.  

And off they went. 

So today the wait was over.  The video was released on Delish Facebook (and brooklynwhatevers FB too) and OMG she LOVED them. Flavor bombs she said. New fav she said. So we say Thank you ladies for the shout out and the kind words.  

You rock! 

Rachel & Abe Shamah 

We are Brooklyn Whatever😉

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