Available in pack of 3 for $15 a jar.

These, my friend, are no ordinary olives. They are Shmolives.  We begin with about seven different olives, remove the brine and cook up our secret topping. It gets mixed onto the olives and are allowed to sit for a bit in order for each olive to absorb the flavor. Finally they are packed in jars, vacuum sealed, pasteurized and then ready for you to enjoy.  You will notice there is very little liquid in each jar but don't be fooled.  As they sit the flavors swirl through the jar and the best part is they are never soggy or too wet.  

Shmolives are made in small batches with wood spoons by hand. Abe, the Shmolive King, treats each batch as if he were serving it to his own family. Where? In Brooklyn of course! We expect you will enjoy them as much as we love creating them. 

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