Brooklyn Whatever

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Shpickle?
A Shpickle is a pickled vegetable that's NOT a cucumber! We think of pickled cucumbers as “pickles” but pickling is a process not a cucumber! So hence the Shpickle! We at Brooklyn Whatever pickle all kinds of vegetables, but NO cucumbers and NO dill! We use an old family recipe with herbs and spices, a touch of garlic and lots of love. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them.

What's a Shnut?
First cousin to the Shpickle and Shmolive, Shnuts are totally prepared by hand, roasted twice, flavored to perfection and are a perfect “Shnack”. If you try them you will fall in love.

What's a Shmolive?
It all started years ago when Abe, the son, went to culinary school. He was known as the ‘olive king’ because he created a incredibly unique recipe for an olive mix that he packed with very limited brine (just a drop really). This way the herbs, spices, and flavor he mixed up adhered to each of the seven different kinds making them super flavorful and they never got soggy either. He started making them for his friends and learned how to seal and pasteurize them for freshness. The Shmolive is so unique in its appearance, slightly spicy and bursting flavor, Brooklyn Whatever just had to share it with everyone! Enjoy!

Am I able to buy a single jar of Shpickles?
Shpickles are available in increments of three and a dozen with a minimum of three per order. However, we are sure to be on the shelves of your favorite specialty food shop. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to see where we are!

Did you say... free tote bag?
Yes! We love people who love Shnacks and care about our environment.When you select the "yes" option on the product page you'll receive one tote bag with every order made!